Vinodh Madhavan

Associate Professor
Doctor of Business Administration (Golden Gate University, San Francisco)
Areas of interest
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, long memory, chaos, Adaptive Market Hypothesis

Vinodh Madhavan currently serves as an Associate Professor at Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad University. Prior to this assignment, Vinodh Madhavan served as an Associate Professor at Finance & Accounting Area, IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University; as an Assistant Professor at IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Lucknow; and as an Assistant Professor on Tenure-Track in the Finance & Accounting Area at Vinod Gupta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Vinodh Madhavan successfully completed the Doctor of Business Administration program at Golden Gate University, San Francisco in Dec '09. Based on faculty recommendations, he was awarded the “2009–2010 Outstanding Graduate Student — Doctor of Business Administration” Award, by the Dean of Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University. Subsequent to his doctoral days, Vinodh served briefly as an Adjunct Faculty at the Department of Finance & Economics, Golden Gate University and as a Malcolm S. M. Watts III Research Fellow at Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco. Since the completion of his doctoral degree, Vinodh has taught courses such as Financial Reporting & Analysis, Introduction to Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Derivatives and Risk Management, Business Valuation, Mergers Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring, Fixed Income Securities, and Time Series Modelling in Financial Markets, to a wide variety of audience that includes MBA candidates (with/without prior work experience), Practitioners, and Peers in Academia and Industry. Prior to pursuing his doctoral degree at GGU, Vinodh served in a managerial position for two years at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd, India, where he was responsible for after-sales service delivery mechanism and day-to-day supply chain management. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Manufacturing and Operations Management.

Journal Artices

  1. Madhavan, V., Mukhopdhyay, I., and Ray, P. (2019). Does electronic trading influence stock prices? The Indian experience. Applied Economics Letters. DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2019. 1690121
  2. Madhavan, V. and Ray, P. (2019). Price and Volatility Linkages between Indian Stocks and their European GDRs. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 18(2S), S213-S237.           
  3. Varghese, G. and Madhavan, V. (2019). Nonlinear dynamics in crude oil benchmarks: an AMH perspective. Applied Economics Letters, 26(21), 1798-1801.
  4. Rao, P., Kumar, S., and Madhavan, V. (2019). A study on the factors driving the Capital Structure Decisions of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India. IIMB Management Review, 31(1), 37-50.
  5. Madhavan, V. and Ray, P. (2018). Evolving Efficiency of Dually-listed Indian Stocks:  A Nonlinear Perspective. Journal of Quantitative Economics, 16(1), 13-35.
  6. Madhavan, V. (2017). How interrelated are MIST equity markets with the developed stock markets of the world? Cogent Economics and Finance, 5(1). DOI: 10.1080/23322039. 2017.1362822
  7. Madhavan, V. & Arrawatia, R. (2016). Relative Efficiency of G8 Sovereign Credit Default Swaps and Bond Scrips: An AMH Perspective. Studies in Microeconomics, 4(2), 127-150.
  8. Madhavan, V. & Maheswaran, S. (2016). Indian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Relationship with Underlying Indices. Economic and Political Weekly, 51(12), 142-148.
  9. Madhavan, V. (2014). Investigating the Nature of Nonlinearity in Indian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Managerial Finance, 40(4), 395-415.
  10. Madhavan, V. (2013). Nonlinearity in investment grade Credit Default Swap (CDS) Indices of US and Europe: Evidence from BDS and close-returns tests, Global Finance Journal, 24(3), 266-279.
  11. Madhavan, V. (2012). How inter-related is American and European Credit Default Swap Indices market? : A Search for Transatlantic Kinship. Review of Business Journal, 32(1), 111-119.
  12. Madhavan, V. & Pruden, H. (2011). Implications for Risk Management and Regulation: A study of long-term dependence in Credit Default Swap (CDS) Indices Market. International Federation of Technical Analysts Journal, 8, 36-44.

Working Papers

  1. Madhavan, V. and Ray, P. Efficiency of Indian ADRs and their underlying stocks: An Adaptive Market Perspective from Nonlinear Models. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta WPS - 785 (July 2016)
  2. Madhavan, V. and Ray, P. How Far is Mumbai from Luxemburg and London? : Price and Volatility Linkages between Indian GDRs and Their Underlying Domestic Shares. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta WPS - 740 (February 2014).
  3. Madhavan, V. Bivariate Cointegration and Time Varying Co-Movements of MIST Equity Markets with Developed Stock Markets of the World. Indian Institute of Management Lucknow WPS: 2012-2013/27.
  4. Madhavan, V. Modelling the Long-Term and Short-Run Relationship between Indian Local Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and their Underlying Indices. Indian Institute of Management Lucknow WPS: 2012-2013/26.

Armchair Caselet

  • Madhavan, V. Value Accretion/Dilution in Business Combinations: An Integrated Perspective. Published by Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad and Distributed by ET Cases. FIN-2-0028 and FIN-02-0028A (June 2016). Was also featured in Economic Times on 26th July 2016

  1. Served as (a) Chairperson – Finance and Accounting (F&A) Area from 27.04.17 to 06.02.19; and (b) Chairperson-PGP from 08.05.18 to 29.03.19 at IFMR Graduate School of Business; .
  2. Was Convener – Faculty Recruitment Committee at IFMR Graduate School of Business from 10.05.17 to 30.10.18
  3. Served as a Member of the Technical Committee of International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance, which took place at IIT Kharagpur in July 2017.
  4. Served as a Member of the Scientific Committee of the 57th Meeting of Euro Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling (EWGCFM), which took place at University of Coimbra, Portugal.
  5. Served as a blind reviewer for journals such as International Journal of Emerging Markets (Emerald), IIMB Management Review (Elsevier), Decision (IIMC, Springer), Economic Research – Ekonomska Istrazivanja (Routledge), Studies in Microeconomics (Sage), Metamorphosis (IIML), IIMK Society and Management Review (Sage), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India Section A: Physical Sciences (Springer), and Paradigm (IMT Ghaziabad, Sage) on an ad-hoc basis.
  6. Served as a blind reviewer for Emerald in-connection with a book proposal.
  7. Convener- 2013 India Accounting & Finance Conference
    • With help and support of Director - IIM Lucknow, I undertook efforts to organize the 2013 India Accounting & Finance Conference, which took place at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow from September 9th to 11th 2013.
    • Speakers at the 2013 IAF Conference - Prof. Lorne Switzer of Concordia University, Prof Shyam Sunder of Yale University, Mr. Manoj Rane of BNP Paribas, India, Prof. Narayanaswamy of IIM Bangalore, Prof. Partha Ray of IIM Calcutta, Mr. Ashish Midha of Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Dr. Golaka C Nath of CCIL India.
  8. Served as the Chairperson of the Admissions Committee at VGSOM IIT Kharagpur and was responsible for 2012 MBA Admissions process.


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