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Shilpa Bhat

Assistant Professor
PhD (Gujarat University)
Areas of interest
South Asian Narratives, Canadian Studies, Diaspora and Culture Studies, Children's Narratives
4004 4161/ 430

Dr. Shilpa Daithota Bhat is Assistant Professor in Ahmedabad University, Gujarat, India.  Her areas of interest are South Asian Literature, Diaspora and Postcolonial theories, Canadian Studies and Children’s Literature. She has visited York University (Canada); University of Toronto (Commonwealth Fellowship), University of Western Ontario, Korea University (Pacific Asia Network for Canadian Studies Grant) for research and conferences. She is the author of Indians in Victorian Children’s Narratives: Animalizing the 'Native', 1830-1930 (Lexington, Rowman and Littlefield, US, 2017).



Indians in Victorian Children’s Narratives: Animalizing the 'Native', 1830-1930 ( Rowman and Littlefield-Lexington, US, 2017)

Chapters in Edited Anthologies (Forthcoming)

""The Return of the Native": Homecoming 'Returnee' Migrant in M.G. Vassanji's Narratives".  The Postcolonial Subject in Transit: Migration, Borders and Subjectivity in African Diaspora Literature. Ed. Fongang Delphine. Lanham, US: Rowman and Littlefield-Lexington. Print.

"Women Within Precincts: Colonialism and Racialization in The Madwoman in the Attic, Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre. Liberating Herself: Emancipationist Writing at the Fin de Siècle. Ed. Elena Shabliy. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Print.




Courses Offered:

  • Indian Diaspora and Global Economies
  • World Literature
  • Indian Literature in Translation
  • Communication for Management

(Select few)

  • Invited international seminar on “Hackneying Hybridity?—Canadian Immigrant Experience in M. G. Vassanji’s Fiction”, York University, Canada; December 27, 2015.

  • Presented paper in the multidisciplinary conference organised by the University of Western Ontario, Canada, on May 12, 2012. Title of the Paper: “Pushing Political Regimes to the Brink of Precipice: The Anna Hazare Movement in India”.

  • Presented paper in the International Conference organised by Pacific-Asia Network of Canadian Studies on October 6, 2011, in Korea University, Seoul, South Korea. Title of the Paper: “Contemporary India through Generalist Narratives: “Eyes” and Perspectives”.

  • Presented paper in the International Conference organized by Forum of Contemporary Theory, Baroda in Jaipur. Title of the Paper: “Considering Interdisciplinary Studies in Children’s Literature and Management-The Creativity Perspective”; December 19 – 21, 2011.

  • Presented paper in the Delhi Sahitya Akademi Symposium (jointly organised by the Sahitya Akademy Parishad, PDPU and GU Universities) on October 28, 2012 in Ahmedabad. Title of the paper: “Geographic Configurations, Culture and Ethos through Cartoon Films: Vikram and Betaal Via the Visual Medium”

  • Presentated paper in the National Conference in PDPetroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Title of the Paper: “The Subtext of Economics and the Diasporic Experience in Indo-Canadian Literature”; April 3-4, 2014.

  • Presented paper in the UGC National Seminar organised by Gujarat University, Department of English, on December 6, 2011 in Ahmedabad, India. Title of the Paper: “The Dalit Struggle: Insights and Perspectives of two Journalists”

  • Organising Member of the National Colloquium on Indian Women Writers in English, November 12 and 13, 2011; organised jointly by the Delhi Sahitya Akademi and Department of English, Gujarat University.