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Ruchi Tewari

Assistant Professor
PhD (S.P. University)
Areas of interest
Communication Management

Ruchi Tewari is engaged as a Faculty, Communication, with over 18 years of academic and industry experience. Dr. Tewari has worked in the area of General Management exploring the Communication of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for her Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.), after an M.Phil. in English. She has researched in the area of CSR and worked on various aspects of applied communication. Her professional horizon holds teaching communication and development related courses and guiding post-graduate students, presenting and publishing research papers in national and international conferences and journals, conducting trainings and completing projects and consultancy assignment for organizations. 

She has been invited by other reputed instituions to host guest sessions/ workshops and seminars in the area of communication. She's been attached to Govt. of India's DECU - SAC as a script-writer and has supported ISRO's develompent communication programme thorugh scripts and editing services. She has been is an established trainer and has providing training solutions to several organizations in Ahmedabad where she has regular sessions as a part of the employee development programmes organized by them. She has conducted over 500 hours of training in various organizations like telecommunication – product and services; manufacturing, real estate and education.  

Dr. Tewari has 20 publications in national and international academic journals and several chapters in edited books, over 15 conference papers in national and international conferences. She is an editorial review member for 2 national and 1 international peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of Asian Media and Information Centre (AMIC), Association of Business Communicators in India (ABCI), Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Indian Society of Training and Development (ISTD) and the regional coordinator of Society for Management and Behavioral Sciences.

Her areas of interest include applied communication and responsible business activity. You can look up her research output at 

Accepted for Publication

Shah,R. & Tewari, R. Demystifying ‘Selfie’: A Rampant Social Media Activity. Accepted for Publication in 'Behaviour and Information Technology' in June. 2016. 

Sharma, E. & Tewari, R. Engaging Employee Perception For  Effective Corporate Social Responsibility: Role Of Human Resource Professionals" In Global Business Review, 19.2; March-April-2018

Refereed Journal

Tewari, R. & Sharma, E. (2016). “An Investigation into the Expectations of the Recruiters and the Preparedness of the Management Graduates for Effective On-Job Performance” in The IUP Journal of Soft Skills, Vol. X, No. 1, March, 2016, pp 1-10

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Saraswat, A.; Mammen, T.; Agja, J. & Tewari, R. (2010). ‘Building store brands using store image differentiation’ in Journal of Indian Business Research, 2010, Vol. 2, Issue 3.

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Tewari, R. (2009). ‘Understanding Applied Yield Management Practices in Hotel Industry using Simulation Techniques’ in Indian Management Research Journal (IMRJ), April- Oct, Vol. – I, issue II. 

Chapters in Edited Books; Magazines and Conference Proceedings

Tewari, R. & Shah, R. (2016). ‘Communication Of CSR Responsibility Through Press Releases: Analysis Of Indian And Multinational Companies’ in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Engineering and Management Education and International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship published by Centre For Global Business Studies, Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. ISBN: 978-3-942100-43-4

‘Techies Shall Prove it Too: Proactive and Innovative Efforts for Female Inclusion in a Technology Company – A Case Study’ in an Edited book titled,Gender Inclusivity in India: Perspectives and Case Studies’, Sage Publication.

Tewari, R. & Pathak, T. (2014). ‘Sustainable CSR For Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises’, in Proceedings of the 20th International Sustainable Development Research Conference Trondheim 18-20 June 2014; ISBN: 978-82-91917-34-4; Published by Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Norway.

Tewari, R. & Sharma, R. (2010). ‘Behavioral Training on Personality Traits of Management Studentsin Dynamics Of Change –Micro and Macro Perspective by Excel India Publishers – Delhi in Jan ISBN 93-80043 -71-6

Tewari, R. & Pandey, N. (2009). ‘An Empirical Investigation into the Relationship between Mission Statements and Stakeholder Management’ in a monograph titled Convergence of Corporate Governance Norms by Cygnus, Kolkata in September, ISBN 819077412-3

Tewari, R. and Sharma, R. ((2009). ‘A Study of the Relationship between Academic Performance and Soft Skills of Management Students’ in Human Resource Management in Context of Global Meltdown by Excel India Publishers – Delhi.

Tewari, R, (2009). ‘Corporate Governance in India’ in ICFAI Reader in July.

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Tewari, R. (2009). ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case for India’, in Vision 2020, Managerial Challenges and Strategies, Wisdom Publications, New Delhi, in January.

Tewari, R. (2008). ‘Partnership between NGO and Corporate for Sustainable Development: New Perspective’, in Innovation in Business Management, by Macmillan Publication, New Delhi in December.

Newspaper Articles

‘Employment is not the only aim of Education’ in DNA, Ahmedabad on 27th April, 2015.

 ‘Ethics must be built into Education’ in DNA, Ahmedabad on 7th May, 2015.

 ‘Social Concerns can be resolved with the help of education, in DNA Ahmedabad on 19th May, 2015

 ‘Tutions won’t be required if issues in formal education are resolved’ in DNA Ahmedabad on 3rd June, 2015

 ‘Communication Skills is Not Language Skills’ in DNA Ahmedabad on 15th July, 2015