Ishita Tripathi

Assistant Professor
PhD (Louisiana State University)
Areas of interest
Microeconomics, Cultural Economics, Political Economics, Crime, Law and Economics

Ishita Tripathi has earned her PhD from Louisiana State University, USA in 2019. She has obtained her Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) degree from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in 2012 where she was awarded full scholarship for the programme. She was associated with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad as Research Associate for two years from 2012. During this time she worked as a researcher at the Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy (SRITNE) and also the Centre for Economics and Public Policy. Her research focuses in topics from applied microeconomics, specifically in cultural economics, political economics, crime, law and economics. In her PhD thesis, she studies whether exposure to terrorism can instigate negative sentiments towards immigrants and also generates distrust in institutions.


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