Ekta Sharma

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Rajasthan)
Areas of interest
Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management

A UGC fellow in 2003 and an academician hence, Ekta Sharma has been engaged in post-graduate teaching and research activities. She earned her doctorate from University of Rajasthan in 2005 with the honouring of her thesis titled, "Corporatization of Hospitals: Entrepreneurial Behaviour,Service Dimensions- A Case Study Approach".

Dr. Sharma has presented research papers in reputed National and International Conferences and has over thirty publications in peer-reviewed, indexed journals published out of India and abroad.

She’s an author of a book titled, Human Resource Management- A Strategic Approach, to be published by Pearson Education. 

Her research interest has aligned her to journals as a reviewer, to the Thesis Advisory Committee of Ahmedabad University and to AMET University, Chennai as an external Ph.D. guide.

Dr. Sharma is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Research award in 2015.

Her area of academic interest is Human Resource and Organizational Behaviour


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 Teaching Experience

April 2001  to May 2002  - One year teaching experience at  Indian International Institute of Management, Jaipur

June 2004 to present working with Amrut Mody School Of Management(AMSOM), Ahmedabad University) as Asst.Professor - HR & OB. 

Courses Taught

Organizational Behaviour

Human Resource Managment

Strategic Human Resource Management

Talent Management


Compensation Management

Competency Mapping


Compensation Manangment 


Doctoral Program Affiliation

  1. External Ph.D Guide, AMET University.Chennai
  2. External thesis Reviewer, SPM, PDPU.
  3. Member of Thesis Advisory Committee, Ahmedabad University
  4. External Expert For RDC, BK School of Business Management, Gujarat University

Editorial board Member and Reviewer


  1. The  International Journal  Of Social Sciences(TIJOSS)- ISSN 2305-4557
  2. Global disclosure of Economics and Business. Publish by ABC.(Asian Business Consortium) ISSN:0973-0664.
  3. Journal of Business  and Sustainability. ISSN NO: 1833-3850,  PRINT ; ISSN:1833-8119.
  4. Journal Of Business Theory And Practice.
  5. International Journal Of Business Performance Management. (IJBPM)- ISSN online: 1741-5039 ;ISSN print: 1368-4892
  6. Business And Management Horizon  ISSN-2326-0297.
  7. International  Journal For Management
  8. Member Of Editorial Board Of MERC Global’s International Journal Of Management.
  9. Associate Editor “International Journal Of  Organisation Behaviour  And Management Perspectives”
  10. Editor,ibusiness. Editorial Board Member, Journal of Business Economics and Management sciences
  11. Editorial Board Member, E Chronicle Business Management
  12. Talent Management magazine Human Capital Executive Research Board member
  13. Global Scholar Journal of Mgmt and Public Administration- Editorial Board Member
  14. Mendley- Advisor


Membership to other organization

  1. Member of International Society for Development and Sustainability, Japan
  2. Honorary member of International Conference Committee, by World academy of science engineering and technology, Singapore.
  3. Academic Member. Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece. (Psychology and research member unit)
  4. Lead Researcher-India. High potential Psychology, UK.



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