Chirag Trivedi

Assistant Professor
MPhil (Gujarat University)
Areas of interest
Culture Studies, Minority Studies, Indian Classical Music, Creative writing and translation

Chirag Trivedi is a Faculty in Communication Area with Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad University, Gujarat, India. He is pursuing Ph D from Gujarat University with focus of his doctoral study on Elitism in Gujarati literature: A postcolonial inquiry into the shaping of the literary canon in Gujarat. He has been presenting and publishing research papers in national and international conferences and journals for last 15 years.

He has been invited to host guest sessions, conduct workshops and seminars in the area of self-awareness, personal development and effective teaching skills by various reputed institutions. He has been associated, as a passionate volunteer, with Samvedana Foundation, Ahmedabad – an NGO that works for education and nutrition for children from humble background. He also voluntarily offers editorial services on the editorial board of VAHI – Journal of Poetry, Ritual and Multilingual Expression of Society.

His interests lie in Identity politics in literature, Partition Literature, Dalit Literature and Culture Studies. He is presently involved in teaching courses on Literature, Culture Studies, Business Communication and Gender Sensitization.

He fondly takes to creative writing and translation of literary texts. His poetic expressions and translations have got published in reputed poetry magazines such as Vahi and Kavita.


Selected Conference and Seminar Presentations:

  • At International Conferences:
  1. Trivedi C. and Oza B. “The goose quill dipped in venom: assaying voicing of violence in Gujarati and Marathi Dalit poetry” International Seminar on Narratives of Violence and Terror in South Asia. Department of English, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong in collaboration with NEC, Shillong and JCSSR-NERC, Shillong. 16-18 November, 2017.
  2. Trivedi C. “An Anesthetic called the Aesthetic: A Post-Colonial Enquiry into the Aesthetics of Umashankar Joshi’s Poetry” International Seminar on“Poetry as Counter-Culture: An Unbroken Indian Tradition” Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, May, 16-18, 2016.
  3. Trivedi C. and Laliwala S. “Inside-Outside: Understanding Ghettoizationin Juhapura, Ahmedabad through Labyrinth as a theoretical preposition” International conference “Borders”: Metaphorical and Physical organized by Department of Germanic and Romance Studies University of Delhi, Delhi, 3-5 March 2016
  4. Trivedi C. and Laliwala S., Hirpara N., Mehta H. “Inside-Outside: A Study of Muslim Areas of Sarkhej and Vejalpur in Ahmedabad as a Ghetto“ International Seminar “Ethnicity and Development in South Asia Issues and Challenges” organized by IGNOU, Delhi on 21-22 January 2016.
  5. Trivedi C. “Shaping of collective consciousness of pride of being a Gujarati by the Gujarati Asmita discourse in Munshi's fiction” International conference on "Re-member, Self-narrative, Memory and Identity" organized by University Paris Pantheon Sorbonne and University Paris Ouest Nanterre, April 2015.
  6. Trivedi C. and Oza B. “From fine a balance to refine: Dalithood – From theory and literature to a personal experience” International conference organized by Presidency University, Kolkata.
  7. Trivedi C. “Festivalization of Gujarati identity at Gujarati literature festival” 17th International conference by Forum on Contemporary Theory at Goa, December, 2014.
  8. Trivedi C. “Munshi of Fiction: observations on evaluation and reception of Patan Trilogy and shaping of Gujarati self-consciousness – Gujarat Ni Asmita' International 5th Biennial conference on Redefining Gujarati Identity, Ahmedabad. 19-20 February, 2014.
  9. Trivedi C. and Oza B., Kinger H., Vyas D. “Shit, Dalit, Lit, Elite: Understanding Atrocity Act Cover: Effectiveness and Implementation concerns in Gujarat and reflections in Gujarati Literature.” International Conference on Contemporary English Studies: Society, Culture and Language, Organized by Department of English, Assam University & Forum for English Studies, Assam University. 6-8 March, 2013.
  10. Trivedi C. “Inter Cultural Communication Competence and Implications of The Difference in Learning Patterns of The ELT Class, Undergraduate Students, and In The Light of Their Different Backgrounds of Medium of Language in Schooling” International conference on Communication organized by IIM, Ahmedabad. March 2011.
  11. Trivedi C. “An Evaluation of Pulp-fiction: Novels by Chetan Bhagat” International Seminar on Indian English Novel organized by English Department., MSU, Baroda. March 2009.
  12. Trivedi C. 'Donnellys never kneel': An evaluation of 'Handcuffs' in the light of Veer, Raudra and Bhayanaka International Symposium organized by Department. of English, Gujarat University.
  • At National / State level Conferences:
  1. Trivedi C and Oza H. “Offensive in the Cultural Counter-Offensive: A Study of Symbolic Ineractionism in Cinematic or Literary Retelling of Select Mythological Episodes with Body Politics as its Core Theme. National Seminar on ‘Re-thinking, Re-imagining, Re-inventing: The Changing Faces of Adaptation Studies’. Department of English. St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai. 17-18 November, 2017.
  2. Trivedi C. “Changing of the spelling: from ‘Umbilicalis’ to ‘Umbrella’ - A study of Sakshipuram by Ramnath Chavhan, Dharmantar by Bhimrao Kardak and Gujarati Dalit poems by representative Gujarati poets in light of conversion by Dalits into Islam in India” UGC National Seminar organized by Southfiled College, Darjeeling.
  3. Trivedi C. “Shudra to Anaarya: Identity and Expression in the Dalit Narratives of Maharashtra and Gujarat” UGC National Seminar on Theorizing Movements: Literary, Social and Cultural  organized by Department of English, MSU, Baroda. 24-25 March 2014.
  4. Trivedi C. “Respecting Intercultural communication competence and difference in behavioural patterns and interpersonal skills in an ELT class.” National conference on ELT, organized by Charotar Kelavani Mandal, Changa, Gujarat.
  5. Trivedi C. “Using Mother Tongue background and ‘Culture’ as resources while teaching Second Language.” at a regional conference on ELT, organized by ELT@I, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  6. Trivedi C. “Witnessing the out-witting: A study of Sakshipuram by Ramnath Chavhan, in light of conversion by Dalits in India” at UGC National Seminar organized by Dept. of English, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Book Chapter Published:

1.      Published a book chapter in an edited book entitled “Deconstructing the Stereotype: Reconsidering Indian Culture, Literature and Cinema” (December 2014). It is published by Anchor Academic Publishing, Germany, with the following ISBN numbers:  Book ISBN: 978-3-95489-240-2 : page no. 35-42’

Published Poems:

1.      Trivedi, C., “Olakh Patra” Trans. Identity Card by Mahmood Darvish, VAHI, Journal of Poetry, Ritual and Multilingual Expression of Society, February, 2016.

2.      Trivedi, C., “Pol ni Ek Dhalti Sanjhe”, Gujarati poem, VAHI, Journal of Poetry, Ritual and Multilingual Expression of Society, February, 2017.

3.      Trivedi, C., “Thai Thai Varvi Gujarat”, Gujarati poem, VAHI, Journal of Poetry, Ritual and Multilingual Expression of Society, September, 2017.


Research Papers Published:

Trivedi C. and Oza B., “From fine a balance to refine: Dalit ‘self’, theory and literature” Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol 4, No. 1, CLRI February 2017 107-126.

Chirag Trivedi at present offers following courses:

o   Discovering India

o   Understanding Culture

o   Gender Sensitization

o   Management Lessons Through Literature

o   Freedom Autographs

o   Effective Workplace Communication

In previous years Chirag Trivedi has also taught a wide range of courses as mentioned below:

o   Festivalization of Films

o   City as Text

o   Imagining India

o   Introduction to Indian Literature

o   World Literature

o   Indian literature in Translation

o   Indian Short Stories and Poems

o   Reading Analysis and Communication Effectiveness

o   Communication Skills

o   Executive Business Communication

o   Developing Leadership

Interested in designing and delivering courses:

o   Interfaith Dialogues

o   Partition Literature

o   Becoming Poetrusic



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