Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences

Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences
February 04, 2017 Amrut Mody School of Management Lecture Series

How does one generate and disseminate knowledge in social sciences in general and management in particular? What is the process any researcher goes through? What are the basic tools one needs? How can one evaluate the quality of a piece of research submitted for publication in a journal? These are questions often raised by social science and management researchers. Seeing this as an important gap that can be filled to enhance research effectiveness , a ten session  module on "Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences" is being conducted since February 2017 for faculty members and doctoral students of the Amrut mody School of Management (AMSOM), by Dr. Ramadhar Singh - Distinguished University Professor - Ahmedabad University. Through his experience and expertise, Dr. Singh teaches participants  important  fundamentals of research techniques and takes them through the basic and advanced use of SPSS, R and AMOS softwares that aid the research process. Participants  are learning how to translate everyday observations into testable hypotheses, conceptualize and measure the variables of interest, operationalize the causal factors, test the causal models, and write the report for publications in peer-reviewed journals.

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