Leadership Series : 'Leadership Insights' by Dr Hasmukh Adhia

Leadership Series : 'Leadership Insights' by Dr Hasmukh Adhia
August 23, 2019 05:30 PM Room No 105, GICT Building, Central Campus, Ahmedabad University Lecture Series

As a part of the lectures held under, "Leadership Series", Ahmedabad University students had the privilege to learn about "The Structure of Indian Economy" from Dr Hasmukh Adhia (IAS), our former Union Financial Secretary and Revenue Secretary in Government of India, on 23rd August 2019. The lecture had a glimpse of the Indian economy's past and a positive projection for the future. Numbers have a story to tell and he became the narrator our economy’s numbers and made it intriguing with interesting facts and interpretations. His simple explanations made it easy for everyone to comprehend the reasons and the logic behind the government's reforms. In spite of being an erstwhile bureaucrat, he criticised the reforms fairly and answered every question without any bias. Sentiments can amplify the impact of an economic stimulus and positive sentiments can stop our country from falling in the vicious circle of low demand-low production-low income. The youth of our country and the potential of solar can be the edge of our economy over the world. In today’s situation where everyone has several reasons to be pessimistic about the economy, Dr. Adhia gave us hope of a bright tomorrow following a good monsoon this year.

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