Concourse 2020

Concourse 2020
February 01, 2020 Ahmedabad University Competition

Management is not only a profession but also an art and a science. Be it the ancient examples like those of Maurya Dynasty being managed by Chanakya, or the present examples of people managing huge companies like Volkswagen and Coca- Cola, management is the core reason of their success. Management is required by all, in all walks of life, be it managing groceries at home or solving big business problems. This ancient art and science cannot be taught but it can definitely be learned by meeting other such people and exploring organisation skills within oneself. 

Concourse is an event that brings an opportunity to the students to hone their skills by discovering presentation skills, communication skills, analytical ability, leadership and creative skills. Such skills will be helpful to the proficient graduates as they enter the job market, manage a business, or run a business of their own. This event is a platform and a meeting place for budding business people and managers of tomorrow. The students will get an opportunity to interact and compete with the students of other esteemed institutes across the country. They will also understand what is expected of them in their career path ahead. 

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