A Lecture by Mr. Hutheesing at AMSOM

A Lecture by Mr. Hutheesing at AMSOM
February 23, 2017 Amrut Mody School of Management Lecture Series

Mr. Umang Hutheesing, the founder President of the Hutheesing Heritage Foundation, and the Hutheesing Design Company was invited by the faculty to address the class of second year students at AMSOM, for the elective paper- History of Indian Business. Mr. Hutheesing shared his journey as an entrepreneur showcasing and promoting Indian textile heritage to the world. He discussed the understanding and significance of the terms ‘culture’, ‘history’ and ‘enterprise’, while interestingly interweaving the 4700-year-old history of indigo and cotton in India. A historical journey of cotton, indigo, textiles, and fashion traversing multiple countries from antiquity to modern times, Mr. Hutheesing even spoke about the impact of Partition on the textile industry of Ahmedabad, and the closing of textiles during the time of Emergency. As students of Business History, this session was significant because it was a chance for them to meet someone of an international repute who still operates largely from an unassuming, small office in the old city of Ahmedabad, who safeguards and takes immense pride in history and legacy of not just the city, but also the nation.

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