Financial Analysis

About the Programme

The Diploma in Financial Analysis programme is designed to enable students to hone their skills in Finance and Accounting and make them ready for path breaking careers in the industry. As an executive in the finance industry a student may be required to study and collect financial data to analyze a business’s status, provide recommendations, figure out a company’s cost of operations, compare data, establish policies that help to guide cost analysis and come up with plans of action. To be able to do this efficiently, a student will need to master the skills like problem-solving, planning, analyzing, organizing, and financial as well as technical skills. This program would help the participants to acquire fundamental financial analysis skills which will open up doors in obtaining entry level positions in the field of financial research/ relationship management/ dealing/advisory in the capital markets.

The proposed programmes for the year 2020-21 are

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis 30 credits over 2 semesters, full-time
Certificate Programme on Financial Analysis 15 credits in one semester, full- time
15 credits over two semesters, part-time

Who can join the programmes?

The Diploma and Certificate programmes in Business Analytics are open to:

  • Students who have completed an undergraduate or graduate programme at Ahmedabad University in any area.
  • Students who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at any other university, subject to certain entry requirements.

Why should you join a certification/ diploma programme?

  • This financial analysis programme is perfect for any aspiring financial analyst working in investment banking, financial planning and analysis, equity research, corporate development, and other areas of finance and accounting.
  • If you have just completed a three-year undergraduate programme, it gives you a fourth year at university, which makes you eligible to apply to a range of postgraduate programmes abroad.
  • In the context of the COVID- 19 pandemic, it is likely to be very challenging for graduating students to enter the job market or begin further studies outside Ahmedabad (or their hometown if they are from elsewhere). While you are waiting for the external situation to improve and stabilise, you may wish to do a one-semester or a one-year part-time programme that would help you to your spend your time constructively, while adding to your employability skills.

Learning Outcome:

After the completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  1. Understand estimation of cost of capital and corporate valuation
  2. Understand how financial statements are used to forecast financial performance
  3. Comprehend the dynamics of financial asset returns
  4. Identify the various dimensions of financial risks and or cost of capital, its impact on the required rate of returns
  5. Show how financial and strategic decisions can be analyzed using valuation models
  6. Understand financial modelling and valuation skills required to make financial decisions such as the viability of projects, valuation of companies and security valuations, etc.

Mode of the Programme: Online

Programme structure

The structure of the Diploma programme will be as follows:

  • Students will complete 5 specified core courses and 4 elective courses over the course of two semesters.
  • In addition, students will undertake 1 guided research project or write a report on a topic of their choice.
  • l    Students opting for the Certificate programme (15 credits) will take the 5 core courses as specified.

Structure for Certificate Programme

Course Code Course Title Semester
FAC541 Financial Markets and Institutions Monsoon
FAC534 Advanced Corporate Finance Monsoon
FAC633 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Monsoon
FAC512 Financial Accounting
(Analysis of Financial Statements)
Monsoon (1.5)
FAC636 Financial Econometrics Monsoon
TOD531 Introduction to Analytics Monsoon (1.5)
  Elective 1 Electives to be 
selected from the 
Elective basket offered
  Elective 2
  Elective 3
  Elective 4
  Project Winter

Elective Basket

S.No. Course Code Course Title Semester
1 FAC 631 Derivatives and Risk Management Winter
2 FAC 632 Corporate Restructuring (Mergers and Acquisitions) Winter
3 FAC 634 International Finance Winter
4 FAC 635 Financial Modelling Winter
5 MGT562 Business Ethics     Monsoon
6 MGT534 Corporate Governance Monsoon
7 MKT 621 Services Marketing Monsoon
8 TODS 533 Introduction to Business Analytics Winter


Please note:

  1. Course selection may be subject to availability and limits to class size prescribed by instructor.
  2. Some courses may have prerequisites.
  3. Students must check for potential scheduling conflicts while selecting their courses.
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