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Doctoral Programme

The PhD in Management is a rigorous academic and research oriented programme for enthusiastic research scholars and academically curious individuals. The requirements include extensive inter-area course work, exhibiting expertise in areas of research, and thesis work.

PhD is offered in all areas of Management including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management and other allied subjects. The coursework is important and demanding in nature and involves a strong focus on a wide range of research methods. Mentors and a team of supervisors and experienced faculty shall support the candidate in defining his/her research questions and pursuing the PhD.  The candidate will also get the opportunity to gain exposure to teaching through assisting the faculty on related courses. He/she shall attend academic conferences, make presentations, organise lectures and seminars, and contribute to management and academic decisions. This way the candidate shall become a part of the intellectual community at the institute and university.

Fellowship/Stipend is offered to full time students who are admitted to the programme. The programme is offered by the Amrut Mody School of Management.