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Admissions 2017

Undergraduate Admission

The Office of Admission and Financial aid aims to enroll a diverse class of talented students from across India and the World. At Ahmedabad University, there is a spirit of inquiry, of discovery, entrepreneurship and an environment that fosters the holistic development of students. Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, the University is implementing a holistic review in our undergraduate admissions processes for UG programs EXCEPT School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Students will be evaluated using both quantitative and qualitative methods, in order to construct a student body of diverse talents, abilities and backgrounds who we believe to be a best fit with the University’s mission, culture and values and who demonstrate the academic preparation, personal qualities and potential to thrive in our unique learning environment.

Admission to all undergraduate programs except School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and all categories will follow the procedures outlined here. For admissions to the BTech programme, please refer to the specific section given below.

The University firmly believes that admitted students should not be denied access to education on account of monetary constraints and has an unwavering commitment to providing financial aid in the form of partial coverage of fees to almost complete waiver to students who are eligible as per the University’s policy and who apply by the deadline.

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Our Selection Process: What is Holistic Review?

The University offers a rigorous academic curriculum and an intellectually stimulating environment. The admissions committee looks for students who are academically prepared to handle the challenging curriculum, who embody our motto of growing through a spirit of enquiry and are enthusiastic about learning with an open mind.

In evaluating each applicant holistically, we do not consider one single factor in determining admission but a myriad of factors together including their personal background, opportunities available in one’s environment and personal qualities. In addition to academic excellence, we are also looking for students who have excelled in extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance, drama, cultural and social service activities and pursued their passion outside of the classroom.

A part of this new admissions process requires students to write a statement of purpose. The Personal Statement is an opportunity for us to get to know the students beyond their academic records, it provides context for the person’s life, is a time for students to deeply reflect on their lives so far, about their interests, motivations and future aspirations. Personal statement should be a reflection of your unique personality, thoughts and voice and written solely by the student.

We recommend that students give 2-3 weeks’ time to complete the application. The personal statement should be given plenty of time for deep reflection, brainstorm, writing, revising, editing and finalizing. We are sincerely interested in getting to know you as a unique individual and look for specifics and depth in the essay. Therefore, we recommend that students express themselves sincerely and honestly rather than to impress the admission committee.

Admissions Process for BTech programme

Admissions to 50% of the seats is through ACPC (Admission Committee for Professional Programs), a committee set up by the Gujarat government. The remaining 50% seats are filled through University’s admissions process that requires JEE Main scores. Applicants from outside Gujarat are encouraged to apply through this process.

Last date to apply for BTech programme is June 30, 2017.

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Admissions Process for BBA, BCom, BCom Professional, iMBA, iMsc programmes ONLY

We encourage students to apply as early as possible and use the online form. You do not need to wait until May when the Board results are in to apply. In each round, there will be two parts to the application form.

The marks are self-reported on the application but will need to be verified at the time of the interview or during final admission confirmation.

The interviews will be conducted at the Office of Admissions and Financial aid, Near Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Last date to apply for Ahmedabad University's UG programmes is June 23, 2017.

Affirmative Action Policy

As a part of Ahmedabad University's commitment to equity and social justice, the University admission process attempts to address social inequalities by giving a special consideration to SC/ST and SEBC category students. Such consideration shall be provided on production of requisite certificate as recognized by the Government of Gujarat.

Admission Helpline

(Monday to Friday, 09.30 HRS to 18.30 HRS IST)

 +91-79-61911200 (Ext. 217, 219)
 +91-99790 36969, 91-99790 36868

For admissions related inquiries, please contact our Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at:

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Near Commerce Six Roads
Ahmedabad 380009.


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