Lateral Admission

Students seeking a transfer to Ahmedabad University from another university can apply now for Lateral Admission for the academic session commencing January 2023.

  • For Bachelors’ or Integrated Masters’ Programmes, students enrolled at a University in India or abroad, who have completed one or more semesters, may apply for Lateral Admission.
  • Lateral Admissions to the Engineering programme at the School of Engineering and Applied Science are available only at the beginning of the third semester, subject to other stipulations by the regulatory authorities. Currently, no seats are vacant for BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. However, students can apply for Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

On submitting transcripts and details of courses completed, the Dean of the relevant School shall determine how many credits from the earlier university can be transferred.

The student must complete at least 50% of her/his credits at Ahmedabad University, and may be required to complete a higher percentage of credits at Ahmedabad University for a specific Major. Students may take courses during the summer or an extra course during the regular semester to complete the requirements for their degree Programme at Ahmedabad University.

Laterally admitted students will have to complete the Foundation Programme.

All applications will be subject to meeting School level Eligibility Criteria for your preferred Major.

We are accepting applications for Lateral Admissions to the Winter Semester 2023. There is a common application form for all Undergraduates Programmes.
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Apply for Lateral Admissions

For any queries related to lateral admissions e-mail to [email protected]

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