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Instrument Description

Thermal Cycler (PCR)
Make: Bio-rad
Model: T100
Sample Capacity: 96 x 0.2ml tubes, 0.2 ml tube strips, or 1 x 96-well plate
Maximum Ramp Rate: 4°C/sec
Temperature Range: 4°C-100°C
Gradient Range: 30°C-100°C
Temperature Differential Range: 1°C-25°C

Make: Bio-rad
Model: Gene Pulser XcellTM
Waveform: Exponential or square
Capacitance: 10–500 V: 25–3,275 µF in 25 µF increments; 500–3,000 V: 10, 25, 50 µF
Resistance (parallel): 50–1,000 Ω in 50 Ω increments, plus infinity
Sample Resistance: 20 Ω minimum at 10–2,500 V; 600 Ω minimum at 2,500–3,000 V

Microplate Reader
Make: PerkinElmer
Model: VictorⓇ NivoTM S
Modes: Absorbance (spectrometer), Fluorescence and Luminescence
Filters: 405/10, 480/30, 530/30, 700/IR Blocker, Unfiltered LUM, TRF Filters: 320/75, 615/8, 355/40, 435/20, 460/30, 495/20, 540/30, 580/20, 625/30, 640/30, 685/30

Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis
Make: Bio-rad
Model: Mini-Sub Cell GT
UV-transparent Tray: 7x10cm, 15x15cm
Comb: 15- and 20-well
Casting System: Yes

Vertical Gel Electrophoresis
Make: Bio-rad
Model: Mini-Protean® Tetra System
Comb: 10-well
Gel Capacity: Maximum 4 at a time
Precast: 8.6 x 6.8 cm; handcast: 8.3 x7.3 cm
Plates: with 1mm integrated spacer

Make: Bio-rad
Model: ChemiDoc™ Imaging System High-sensitivity imaging of DNA/protein gels and chemiluminescent western blots Data transfer through LAN and USB interface Pre-defined protocols Auto exposure

Make: Lyophilization Systems
Model: Lyolab 3S
Shelf Temperature: -60°C to +65°C
No. of shelves: 3
Total Shelf Area: 3.75 sq ft
Vacuum: 10mT
Cycles: Freeze dry, Defrost, Semi-Auto Fully Programmable Software with real-time monitoring and data logging, recipe management, protocol transfer and data report 3 probes for sample temperature monitoring; Nitrogen backfill and vial stoppering available


(Dedicated Cycle)
Make: Equitron
Model: 7441FA
Capacity: 110 L
Digital control unit Fully programmable with cycle time and temperature control Low water level alarm Stale air purging and auto-release of steam

Refrigerated Centrifuge
Make: Thermofisher Scientific
Model: Sorvall Legend X1R
Speed: 300-15200 rpm (max 25830 x g)
Temperature Range: -10°C to +40°C
Rotors: Swinging bucket with 36 x 15ml/ 16 x 50ml/ 4 x 400ml capacity fixed-angle with 8 x 15ml/ 8 x 50ml/ 30 x 2ml capacity

Probe Sonicator
Model: Q500
Make: Qsonica
Pulse On/Off: 1 sec to 1 min
Total Programme Time: 10 hrs
Frequency: 20 kHz
Probes: Part no. Diameter Processing volume #4220 12.7 mm 20-250 ml #4418 3.2 mm 1-15 ml #4420 6.4 mm 5-50 ml #4209 25.4 mm 100-1000 ml

Shaker Incubator
Model: ORBITEK® - LE4676
Make: Scigenics Biotech Private Limited
Temperature Range: 5°C to 80°C
Speed Range: 25-400 RPM
Humidity Display: 0-100%
Modes: Programme, Continuous
Data Logging: Yes, USB drive
Dimensions: (Internal) 850 x 612 x 453 mm
Flask Holding Capacity: 100ml Erlynmeyer flask (4), 250ml Erlynmeyer flask (8), 500ml Erlynmeyer flask (5), 1000ml Erlynmeyer flask (5), 2000ml Erlynmeyer flask (5), 5000ml Erlynmeyer flask (3)

Fluorescent Cell Imager
Model: Zoe™
Make: Bio-Rad
Multi-channel merging (upto 4) Touch screen Interface Brightfield and three fluorescent channels
Blue Ex: 355/40 nm Em: 433/36 nm
Green Ex: 480/17 nm Em: 517/23 nm
Red Ex: 556/20 nm Em: 615/61 nm
Compatible with Flasks: T25, T75, or T225
Multiwell Plates: 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, or 384-well microplates
Dishes: 35 mm, 60 mm, or 100 mm
Slides: Chamber slides or standard glass microscopy slides

CO2 Incubator 1
CO2 Incubator 2
Model: FormaTM Steri-cycle TM i160
Make: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Capacity: 165 L
Relative humidity: <93% at 37°C
CO2 Concentration Range: 1 to 20%
CO2 Sensor Technology: IR Sensor
Temperature Range: Ambient +3°C to 55°C

Walk-in cold chamber
Model: Custom make
Make: Swastik Enterprises
Area: ~140 sq. ft.
Temperature Range: 4°C to ambient temp.
2 x work benches; 1 x shelf rack 1 x wash basin; 4 x power points

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