Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

Greetings from Ahmedabad University and the Office of the Dean of Students!

At Ahmedabad University we believe in holistic education that comprises deep as well as broad academic and co-curricular exposure. At the University, you will find many avenues to build on your strengths, discover new talents, and develop yourself. It will enable you to grow into well-rounded, compassionate, and responsible citizens. Your experiences at the University will be filled with exciting new opportunities that will equip you with invaluable insights to enable your success as a professional and as an individual.

There are many cultural clubs and intra-mural sports activities at Ahmedabad University to provide a vibrant environment for young talent to flourish. You should participate in as many co-curricular and sporting activities as you can and manage your academic schedule effectively.

During your stay at Ahmedabad University, you may face occasional challenges, which could be physical, emotional or social. Student Support, Engagement and Tutelage (SSETU) at the Office of the Dean of Students comprises experienced professionals, who are always available to help you with information, guidance, and support on all issues related to your physical and mental well-being.

I wish all the students at the University a rich and fulfilling academic journey and invite all of you to vigorously explore your interests and hone your talents at Ahmedabad University.

Have a great time with your academic as well as other co-curricular and sporting activities.

Sanjay Chaudhary
Dean of Students
Interim Dean and Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science