Ahmedabad University believes in making students emerge as independent thinkers and leaders who can innovatively engage with the complex challenges.

Industry Lab is the equivalent of a capstone project offered at Ahmedabad University where students’ team up solve a real-world industry problem proposed by the Industry Sponsor. Students work in an interdisciplinary environment to solve problems of which no solution may have been developed so far. The lab emphasizes on industrial partnership to provide students a strong managerial experience and industrial exposure to the real-world problems. 

The program spans across one or two semesters with a team of 5-8 students who work on a problem or challenges provided by the Industry Sponsor. An eclectic mix of Faculty advisors across schools will act as facilitators. For example Design Thinker, Mechanical Engineer, Business Strategist, Game Theorist etc. work together to help students develop solutions. The team also includes a liaison from the Industry Sponsor. 
The industry project may be a pure research based project, consulting assignment or a new product development. While the project would have a multidisciplinary approach, some set of problems may be focused on one discipline like engineering, management, computer science or biology. The Project would give an experiential learning and hands-on field experience. The solution may result in an intellectual asset which they can take forward when they enter the industry.

Industry Liaison

Liaisons are the representatives of the Industrial Organization. Liaisons help students formulate the industrial project requirements and take regular progress reports of work. Liaisons provides experiential knowledge to students which they may not have gathered during the course of their academic education.

Partner Benefits and Obligations

Project deliverables like project report, any hardware and software prototype will belong to the Industrial Partner. If the project results into patents they will solely belong to the Organization. The sponsor will also have the opportunity to recruit students who worked on the project.    

Previous Collaborations

Students have previously collaborated with Agasthya Foundation for project based learning where they developed an affordable light box for teaching science to the underprivileged students.
Students also worked with Olin College of Engineering for Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship where they enhanced cycle rickshaws for the riders of Bharatpur Sanctuary.
University students are also currently pursuing industry projects with the Arvind Group.