At Ahmedabad University we believe imparting education is not merely about teaching and learning - but instead about providing students with an enabling environment where they can appreciate the context of what is being taught to them, learn the critical concepts of their respective disciplines, and develop the ability to apply them in real-life. Unfortunately, most educational institutes end up following the monotonous class-room teaching methodology - which very often limits students' creativity and imagination; but more importantly fails to let them have a full context of concepts being taught to them.

Ahmedabad University has therefore evolved a new framework to facilitate better learning, in terms of appreciation of context, understanding of concepts, and retention of ideas for the students. AU believes "engagement with the context and environment, and "application" of concepts are two most critical aspects of better learning. Hence, Ahmedabad University's pedagogy is named "Engagement and Application Based Learning & Education", in short "ENABLE". An ENABLE Course lays greater emphasis on "understanding the context" and "applying the concept" vs. merely learning the theoretical aspects of a concept.