Critical Thinking and the Liberal Arts

Why Critical Thinking and The Liberal Arts?


The Diploma Programme in Critical Thinking and the Liberal Arts is a unique and exciting opportunity for students from diverse academic backgrounds to benefit from the rigour and intellectual depth of courses offered across the humanities and social sciences at Ahmedabad University. The programme offers a capsuled, yet rigorous, master’s level introduction to key concepts and ideas in philosophy, history politics and social theory. In addition to Ahmedabad university’s core courses in the liberal arts, the programme offers specialised courses in critical thinking and academic writing, as well as an opportunity to work closely and individually with our faculty on independent projects. In sum, the programme offers students graduating from any discipline, an invaluable basket of skills essential to succeeding in today’s competitive professional arenas: 

  • Advanced reading, critical reasoning and analysis; 
  • Advanced writing, articulation and communication; 
  • Thematic introductions to key areas of intellectual inquiry; 
  • Independent and self-driven project work. 

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely to be very challenging for graduating students to enter the job market or begin further studies outside Ahmedabad (or their hometown if they are from elsewhere). While waiting for the external situation to improve and stabilise, you may wish to do a one-year part-time programme that would help you to spend your time constructively, while adding to your employability skills.

  • Specialisation programmes help you to earn credentials in a new area, while increasing your employability by helping you to develop key skills.
  • They give you the opportunity to explore your intellectual interests beyond the degree you have completed.
  • Specialisation programmes give you a fourth year at university, which makes you eligible to apply to a range of postgraduate programmes abroad.
  • The Critical Thinking and the Liberal Arts Diploma is an excellent bridge programme for students from different backgrounds looking for careers in law, journalism, the development sector or the civil services.