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Library Team Directory

Central Library Contact Number
Sanjay Banavar Director of Libraries sanjay.banavar@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911182
Sangita Purohit Head Library sangita.purohit@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911105
Manoj Rathod Senior Executive manoj.rathod@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911654
Kamlesh Patel Executive (Library) kamlesh.patel@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911654
Chetas Bhagat Library Assistant chetas.bhagat@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911104
Rahul Kanani Library Assistant rahul.kanani@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911104

Amrut Mody School of Management Undergraduate Programme Reading Room


AMSOM Library Contact Number
Manisha Babariya Assistant Manager manisha.babariya@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911421
Akashkumar Verma Library Assistant akashkumar.verma@ahduni.edu.in +91.79.61911777